The concept: loyalty’s points in crypto currency

The Atisios program aims at substituting to all existing loyalty programs in order to allow customers to get universal « loyalty’s points », in the form of crypto currency .

Why? And what are the benefits ?

The Atisios program, for customers:

  • An interchangeable crypto currency cumulative at all participating retailers, whatever their products, services and origins.
  • Only one entry.
  • A biometric and/or digital identification and payment.
  • Geolocation possible of affiliated retailers and their current special offers, in real time.
  • A free subscription.
  • Atisios : safe crypto currency with biometric authentification
Atisios : cryptomonnaie sécurisée avec authentification biométrique
Programme de fidélité en cryptomonnaie avec Géolocalisation

The Atisios program, for retailers:

  • A single communication tool, allowing customised information and special offers’ campaigns to be realised at any time of the year.
    – next to their customers
    – next to the consumers not yet customers (sales leads) located in their trading area.
  • A possible customer datas filtering by user profile, interests, habits …
  • The customer datas’ monitoring and management (statistics)
  • The possibilility of placing online orders
  • The possibility of making appointments
  • E-commerce modules ( Prestashop, … )
  • A free subscription

The ATISIOS loyalty program working method is simple and attractive

The consumer is making a purchase from a merchant and is getting back immediate ATIS points. Then, the customer will be offered the option of renewing a purchase  from the same merchant or from an other affiliate with his ATIS points.The  interest for the retailer is two-fold : on the one hand,  he builds customer loyalty and on the other hand , he benefits from purchases made by consumers who were not previously customers. Finally, that same merchant , will be able to pay his affiliates network with ATIS points.

Atisios program


The ATIS ICO is an ERC20 contract on Ethereum.  It is possible to get some against ether tokens. With these tokens, you may be beneficiary  for loyalty points when the ATISIOS project will take place.

ATIS ICO ERC20 Ethereum


Division of tokens

Division of tokens Atisios

Division of fundings

ATISIOS Division of fundings


January 2018

Meeting between François LANESHOA and Jean-Philippe GOT and exchanges on the pooling concept of customers' loyalty thanks to the crypto currency on the block chain.

March 2018

Strenghtening of the team with the arrival of Sébastien ULTARO, Responsible for the Marketing Plan Development.

April 2018

ATISIOS creation

June 2018

Edition of the White Book

August 2018

« ATIS » token creation

September 2018

ATISIOS launching corporate site

November 2018


December 2018


March 2019

Elaboration of the Initial specifications of the Atisios multi platform sofware, creation of the institutional website ATISIOS.COM, definition of the marketing strategies and opening of the exchange platform.

April 2019

Elaboration of the functional specifications of the Atisios multi platform software and creation of the business model of the ATISIOS application for smartphones.

May 2019

Elaboration of the technical specifications and development of the Atisios multi platform software and Elaboration of the technical specifications of the ATISIOS hybrid application for smartphones.

June 2019

Development of the ATISIOS application for smartphones and opening of the website ATISIOS.COM.

July 2019

Launching the Atisios multi platform website in beta version, launching of the ATISIOS application for smartphones IOS and Android in beta version and marketing test.

September 2019

Launching of marketing campaigns.

December 2019

Deployment of the multiplatform website ATISIOS.COM in the final version and deployment of the ATISIOS application for smartphones IOS and Android in final version.

team team

Sébastien ULTARO
Co-founder & CEO
Jean-Philippe GOT
Co-founder & COO
Co-founder & CTO
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Artemail, Atisios's partners
Poolmat, Atisios's partners